Welcome to our new site!

If you’re reading this, there is a chance you’re a long-term follower of our website and content. We’ve most probably been through a journey together as our site and content has evolved over time, and it’s happening again. The difference this time is that the entire site is being revamped and will look the nuts. Having said that, you know that all the changes we make are for the benefit of our loyal and most valued followers and subscribers. To keep the disruption to a minimum, we are advising all our avid followers to sign up to our news letters and to our social media profiles to keep up-to-date with new content being released.

Now I know what you’re thinking, not another update. Yep, you’re right, another update, but this time its for the good. We’re really focusing on the user experience and how our user base interacts with our content and platforms. We want this to be the best experience yet for you and other’s passionate like you. So what we’ve done is invested in an incredible brand new platform that will take browsing our site a delight. It will be responsive, streamlined and best of all, beautiful to the eye.

New website developement
New website developement

We are swinging for the fences of this new platform which is why we are asking all our loyal followers to bear with us as we deploy as much resources as possible to make this thing happen. Believe me when I say we have invested heavily into this new project. No expense has been spared to make this thing happen, all with you, the end user in mind.

All that’s left to say now is welcome and thank you for being apart of our community of likeminded, passionate individuals with one thing in common – our love for travel and all things devine.

All the best,

Egypts Pyramids Team