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Pyramid Vacations

The Country Of Egypt is one of Africa’s richest countries in stipulations of history. Egypt’s record goes reverse to the very old times before the Bible. The biblical and artistic history of Egypt is as varied and fascinating as the undiscovered tomb and cities lying under the desert sand in Upper and Lower Egypt.

The big pyramid of Cheops, which is the largest of the pyramids in Giza stand at stature of 140 metres. It is a stunning spectacle to reach your destination at the foot of the pyramid and just gaze at its pure size. It is predictable that every block of sandstone weighs about 2.5 tons and over 2.3 million of these blocks were used to build this pyramid. It is predictable that the huge Pyramid of Cheops weight over 6 million tons. One feature that I have noticed while viewing the pyramids from afar is the accurate and precise structural design. Even though the majority of the encasing marble was detached centuries ago and then eroded by rain and sunlight, safe for the top most apexes, the triangular structural plan is totally ideal.

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