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Cheap Cairo Hotels Starting From
Novotel Cairo 6th Of October $71.20
Golden Tulip Flamenco Hotel $80.00
Husa Pyramids Hotel $82.59
Le Passage Heliopolis Hotel An $110.00
El Salam Concorde Hotel Cairo $110.00
Cheap Giza Hotels Starting From
Amarante Pyramids $71.20
Zoser Hotel Cairo $80.00
Le Meridien Pyramids $95.00
Delta Pyramids Hotel $96.99
Grand Pyramids Hotel $100.00

Giza Pyramids

Zoser Hotel Cairo
For discerning travelers wanting a range of guest services. These full-service hotels typically offer room service, valet parking, luggage attendant and a number of amenities and services. Public areas and guest rooms are tastefully decorated.
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Le Meridien Pyramids
Located in the heart of the downtown arts and financial district, Le Meridien Dallas offers an atrium, shops, and an ice rink, as well as an award-winning restaurant and bar, 650 North.
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Delta Pyramids Hotel
Property category - midscale/standard property type - hotel . year built - 1995 year remodeled - 2005 ratings - 4 stars . additional property description - a four star deluxe hotel overlooking the great pyramids of giza one of the seven wonders of the world.
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Giza has proved to be the right location for the construction of Pyramids, a place overlooking Nile with quarries close by which helped to create a solid rock base for the Pyramids. At a distance of 25 kms southwest of Cairo city center on the Giza Plateau lies the Giza Necropolis.

When at the Valley of Giza you cannot stop marveling at the three largest pyramids known for their architectural excellence. The most famous ancient and the monumental heritage site of the world, the Giza necropolis houses the only remaining monument of the Seven Wonders Of The World.

There are three pyramids in Giza which were built on the third and fourth dynasty, Every pyramid is known and popular for its distinct features, the Great Pyramid, the largest of all has a base extended up to nine acres area, the Khafre's Pyramid has a two tiered base encased in granite and the Menkaure's Pyramid is not made entirely of limestone, for its uppermost portion bricks were used.

All the three pyramids had a set pattern of adjacent mortuary temple, attached to these temples were the covered causeway which went down to the valley temple near Nile. In Giza we come across monument divided into two groups and separated by wadi. The first group included the three pyramids, Sphinx, private mastabas, outbuildings and attendant temples whereas the several private tombs built to the Southeast on the ridge comes in the second group. By looking at the structures you could make out the first group monuments are made of those limestone which were taken from the quarries while the second group structure are seen to carved out from the native living rock
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